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Mar. 20th, 2006 | 06:23 pm
posted by: legacy_tycho in representingid

Our experience as young queer people has been, sculpted by our interactions with second wave feminist and "gay and lesbian" literature, coming out narratives, and scholarship. In the face of an experience that we knew to be different, we sought out texts which communicated a way of living which felt familiar and represented identifictory and political practice with which we could subscribe. Not only did these texts shape our understanding of ourselves, but they affected the kind of feminist/queer scholarship that we enguaged as we entered the academy. There, we encountered and theories and discourses of sexuality and gender which sought to destabilize monolithic conceptions of identity, these "politics of destabilization" shape the way we think, act, and construct ourselves, particularly in relation to our decision to take up the term "queer" with pride: nevertheless, we remain critically aware of the tensions between the urge to affirm community identity and the desire to seek liberation through the destabilization of such identity categories

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