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Apr. 5th, 2006 | 01:42 pm
posted by: legacy_tycho in representingid

Carol Guess’ criticism provided a framework for reading queerness in a lesbian feminist tradition, but her poetry allows us to fully realize the potential for queer poetics that utilize identity and create the possibility of continually rearticulating identity. While earlier lesbian poetry was preoccupied the limited shared discourse of lesbian identity, by 2005, Guess’ lesbian discourse is a virtual palimpsest—though a discourse not controlled by a self-identified “lesbian” community. In response, Guess gives flippant titles to her poems. For example, “Unnatural Passions,” “Which One of You is the Man?”, and “But You Two Girls Don’t Have the Right Equipment.” She takes this language and infuses it with her own meaning, yet remains keenly aware that articulation is not always liberatory, and doesn’t express a ‘truth,’ rather, it constructs one.

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